Are you having trouble staying consistent with the marketing efforts for your business?

Learn how my team and I stay consistent with our daily marketing and how I built a multiple six figure business in two years completely organically.

This is the exact Notion workflow template I use in my company to stay consistent with my marketing and it currently generates us over $20,000 in sales per month!

Use this FREE content workflow template with the Notion App (also free 🎉)

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It's the Catch 22 of being an online entrepreneur - you must work with clients and market yourself at the same time so you KEEP getting clients!

Over the years, I've been praised for my sheer consistency in my marketing. 

With the exception of a rebrand, I have published something on my blog turned company website for nearly a decade! I've also been sending daily emails to my list since 2017.

It's the consistency that has gotten me Fortune 500 clients first as a content marketer and then as a brand ambassador. It's the consistency that has helped me build a multiple six-figure consulting business.

And it's consistency that will get you there too.

But first, you need to get organized.

I'm so thrilled to share this free workflow with you! This is the exact workflow (and checklists!) I use in my company to consistently put out new content each and every week.

I've also taken it a step further for you! My workflow includes how to tie in products and services to your marketing so you can make some moolah!

Amanda Abella 
Hi! My name is Amanda Abella! Amazon bestselling author, award winning podcaster, keynote speaker, brand ambassador and business coach!

I've been in the personal development, business and finance space for nearly a DECADE working with clients like Progressive Insurance, TransUnion and more!

Now I help people just like you work smart instead of hard so they can run profitable coaching businesses. 
" The Secret to staying consistent with your marketing without Losing Your Sh*t "
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